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CFM - Coal Flow Measurement
ESD - Electromagnetic Slag Detection
OFIS - Oil Film Thickness Measurement
OFM - Online Oil Film Measurement
RSD - Residual Steel Detection
SRM - Surface Roughness Measurement
TSD - Thermographic Slag Detection
MFM - Mould Flow Measurement
SFM - Ladle Purging Monitor
Slagmeter - Slag Thickness Measuring
Wavisurf - Online Waviness Measurement

The AMEPA Service Team – competent and agile

For the AMEPA customers a team of international experienced service engineers/technicians are at work around the world.

Intercontinental, wherever quality steel is requested, AMEPA systems are installed. In order to perfectly adjust the measurement technology to the customer’s situation, the specific conditions are determined on site during a pre-engineering visit and the client is being advised comprehensively. After customer-oriented project planning, following the delivery, a thorough commissioning and personnel training takes place. And even though the project was successfully completed, with pleasure the AMEPA service team continues to be available with words and deeds.

In steel plants, rolling mills and also the automotive industry the AMEPA measurement systems are subject to most different high operational demands, which has to be considered by system dimensioning or design, to ensure a safe and reliably process flow. Intensive individual inspection of the used components, as well as an entire system and installation acceptance by our project manager, guarantee quality products with high availability and long lifetime.

To ensure a reliable and fast service even in far-away countries, AMEPA additionally has a world-wide network of partners with local contact persons for competent advice and technical service.

Customer service is AMEPAs highest priority. Many follow-up purchases from satisfied customers show that this service strategy is recognised and honoured. Those who do not improve stand still. – Against this background customer suggestions and ideas for improvement are always welcome.