On June 16th 2023, the 21st China International Metallurgical Industry Expo was successfully concluded. As Asia’s most influential and the world’s second largest metallurgical and metal thermal processing expo, the exhibition lasted for three days, attracting nearly 200 companies, focusing on industry-related solutions.

As the world-famous iron and steel metallurgy process measuring expert, AMEPA brought the latest electromagnetic slag detection system ESD 300 to the exhibition, attracting a large number of on-site audiences to come to the booth and communicated with us.

During the exhibition, AMEPA’s star products, Electromagnetic Slag Detection System (ESD) and Thermographic Slag Detection System (TSD), were unanimously recognized by industry partners.

We had full communication with audiences from steel enterprises, engineering design units, metallurgical media and other relevant enterprises of industry supply chain, and introduced the product advantages and applications of AMEPA in the field of steelmaking.

With the high-quality development of the steel industry, the industry’s requirements for technology are also getting higher and higher. From the production of high-purity functional steels to the forming friction of rolling and pressing processes in automotive manufacturing, AMEPA has always adhered to the most advanced measurement technology to ensure that the entire process chain meets high quality standards and enables companies to produce high-quality products.