In this highlight project AMEPA was again able to competently contribute its developments in oil film and roughness measurement. Integrated into the production line, our online measuring system is able to measure and record, visualize and evaluate the measured values with high dynamics over the entire strip length. In cooperation with Schuler Pressen GmbH – Heßdorf, AMEPA has successfully and on time commissioned a tribological control system – consisting of the AMEPA oil film thickness measuring system OFM 100 and the AMEPA roughness measuring system SRM 100.

(Track&Trace im Smart Press Shop – YouTube)

The two systems can be used for different surface coatings and textures of steel and aluminum. The tribological control system, consisting of the oil film and roughness measurement, leads to a better understanding of the influencing factors of the different production parameters and continuously provides the necessary measurement values for the downstream stamping processes with a high dynamic.

With our oil film measuring system, all lubricant types used in the industry, whether prelube oils or hot melts, can be measured. This is ensured by high-precision calibrations made in our new calibration laboratory.

Our OFM 100 online oil film and SRM surface roughness measuring systems offer the following advantages:

  • Direct, non-contact online measurement
  • On all steel and aluminum surfaces (alternativ textures of steel andor aluminum)
  • Online and offline in rolling mills and press shops
  • Online roughness measurement on oiled surfaces
  • Objective criteria for assessing the amount of lubricant
  • Reliable detection of dry streaks and out-of-tolerance oil films
  • Online warning in case of deviations in oiling and/or roughness
  • Evaluation of system condition by statistical analysis
  • Long-term storage of quality data for TQM
  • Increase of customer satisfaction

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