AMEPA at the First China New Energy Automotive Steel Conference

From November 30th to December 1st, the First China New Energy Automotive Steel Conference was successfully held in Suzhou. As an important participant in the automotive and steel industry, AMEPA actively participated in this grand event. Focusing on the development and challenges of steel for new energy vehicles, this conference attracted outstanding representatives from numerous automotive and steel companies.

During the conference, Mr. Danny Dohrmann, general manager of AMEPA Shanghai Trading Company, with his team, introduced our unique measurement technologies and innovative achievements in optimizing the production process.
Our oil film thickness measurement and roughness measurement products in the rolling processes and pressing processes in automotive manufacturing left a profound impression to the audience.

This conference provides a valuable platform for knowledge exchange and discussion on future developments of automotive steel production. High strength, Lightweight, and decarbonization are the hot topics which generate great discussion.
Our team engaged in captivating discussions with customers, and their consistently positive response was truly uplifting.

AMEPA will continue to be committed to developing and implementing innovative metrological system solutions for electromagnetic and thermographic slag detection, non-contact online roughness measurement and oil layer control in close cooperation with the steel, aluminum, and automotive industries.