AMEPA chronology - Thermographic Slag Detection
Service - Thermographic Slag Detection
Field of application - Thermographic Slag Detection
Distribution partner - Thermographic Slag Detection
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Health and safety system - Thermographic Slag Detection
CFM - Coal Flow Measurement
ESD - Electromagnetic Slag Detection
OFIS - Oil Film Thickness Measurement
OFM - Online Oil Film Measurement
RSD - Residual Steel Detection
SRM - Surface Roughness Measurement
TSD - Thermographic Slag Detection
MFM - Mould Flow Measurement
SFM - Ladle Purging Monitor
Slagmeter - Slag Thickness Measuring
Wavisurf - Online Waviness Measurement
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About us

In 1984, AMEPA was founded as a "spin off" of the Aachen Technical University by three staff members of the Institute of Metallurgy with the aim of creating innovative measurement technologies for the steel industry.


AMEPA systems are installed all over the world. To create the optimum design for the customer, a competent consultation is carried out at the plant, taking into account any special conditions.


Research and development activities at AMEPA have always been given high priority. Over 10 % of all sales are invested annually in the development of new and the improvement of existing systems.