Portable Oil Film Measurement

Perfect Surface with Portable Oil Film Measurement
OFIS 2.0

Oil Film Measurement with the OFIS hand-held device requires no sampling and immediately provides all the information which is needed to evaluate the oiling process. The OFIS Portable Oil Film Measurement system provides the following advantages:

  • Direct portable measurement for the oil film thickness
  • Objective criteria for assessing lubrication
  • Reliable detection of dry streaks and incorrect oil coverage
  • Immediate warning with deviations in the oiling process
  • Long-term archiving for quality data for TQM
  • Avoidance of customer complaints

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The benefits


  • Specifically designed to meet customer requirements
  • Measuring possible directly on the current production material
  • Industrial-grade equipment for utilization directly at the production location

Higher Customer Benefit
Direct measurements at any preferred, accessible point of the oiling process enables quick detection of incorrect oil coverage. Customer complaints are prevented by making incoming and outgoing controls of the customer-supplier relationship transparent and comprehensible for all the partners involved.

Portable measurement of oil film layers with the OFIS hand-held device is used in steel, aluminum and automotive production. Users in the rolling mill, finishing and inspection, and in the press use the measurement results to document quality and optimize their processes.

The infrared spectroscopy used has been a powerful method for chemical analysis of organic substances for decades.
For many years, users have successfully used our reliable and continuously developed systems.


Customer orientation with years of experience

Aligned to the requirements of the user, highly precise calibration results in the weight per unit area of the oil layer, for example in the units g/m² or mg/ft², can be generated by utilising customer-specific material samples. By using an associated validation set the measurement integrity of the main instrument can be inspected at any time during continued measurement campaigns.


Oil Film Layer immediately visible

The individual measurement values can be read immediately on the display of the OFIS. In addition, all the measured values can be transmitted wirelessly to a mobile computer live or viewed at a later time using the supplied OFIS application software. Storage and additional processing of the data is also possible.


OFIS Calibrations

Depending on the surface coating and texture, the sheet metal surface has typical reflective properties and requires specific calibration for quantitative measurement. In our calibration laboratory, we create high accurate calibrations for our systems using precise scales and calibration stations with many years of experience and extensive expertise. Surface calibrations are transferable to all OFIS sensors and can be implemented at any time.

Ensuring High Quality: The OFIS Portable Oil Film Measurement

The OFIS 2.0 is a hand-held measuring device for mobile oil film measurement designed for rough industrial environments. With the OFIS 2.0, the oil layer on metallic surfaces can be inspected within a few seconds. By utilizing the OFIS, a time-consuming gravimetric or chemical analysis is no longer necessary, resulting in reduced costs and optimized product quality.

The OFIS 2.0 measures oil films and dry lubes (hotmelts) in a range up to 5 g/m² (≈ 500 mg/ft²). The device is calibrated for commonly used steel surfaces like cold-rolled, hot-dip, electro-galvanized, etc., and aluminum. After selecting the surface’s calibration and setting the OFIS 2.0 onto the test object, the measurement is created by a push button. No reference measurement is needed, and in less than 1 second, the oil layer is indicated on the display thickness in g/m² or mg/ft².

In addition to single measurements, series measurements with averaging functions are possible with the OFIS 2.0. Individual results and averaged values can be easily transferred wirelessly for later evaluation on a mobile PC with the OFIS software application.

Technical data

Dimensions: 400 mm x 145 mm
Weight: 3.4 kg including accumulator
Environmental parameters: Protection Class IP 54; Ambient temperature: 0 – 40 °C (32 °F – 105 °F)
Humidity: Maximum 95 % non-condensing
Impact safety: Oscillation (sinus): (EN 60068-2-6) 10 – 58 Hz: 0.035 mm; 58 – 500 Hz: 0.5 G (~ 5 m/s²)
Impact: (EN 60068-2-27/29) 5 G (~ 50 m/s²); Impact duration: 30 ms
Power supply: The OFIS oil layer thickness measurement device is powered by replaceable NiMH accumulators with 7.2 V / 3800 mAh.
The average operating time for continuous measurement with one-time battery replacement is about 8 hours.
EMC: Interference immunity (receiving side): according to DIN EN 61000-6-22
Interference immunity (transmitting side): according to DIN EN 61000-6-44
Measuring range: Up to 5 g/m² Lubricant layer thickness
⇒ Accuracy ± 0.1 g/m² [up to 1 g/m²], ± 10 % [> 1 g/m²]
Surface calibration: Up to 120 different surfaces programmable, self-calibration possible
Measurement result memory: Up to 224 measurements (either each as a single result or as an average of a maximum of 20 individual measured values)

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