AMEPA at the GALVATECH 2023 in Seoul

GALVATECH 2023 is the leading international conference on advanced technologies for the processing and performance of zinc and zinc alloy coated steel sheets. The 13th GALVATECH was held this year in Seoul, South Korea. This event provides a valuable platform for knowledge exchange and discussion on future developments of steel sheet coating technologies for various applications in the automotive, electrical appliance and construction industries.
For years, Galvatech has also been a valuable forum for AMEPA to follow and participate in market developments in the steel industry.

Surface roughness and oiling condition are two quality-critical parameters in the forming of galvanized strip. They determine the friction between the blank and the deep-drawing tool and thus the flow behavior of the blank pressed around the tool edges.
Online Oil Film Measurement (OFM) and the portable OFIS handheld measuring device are only exemplary AMEPA products for oil film measurement, which were presented by Danny Dohrmann, Managing Director of our AMEPA Trading Co., Ltd. in Shanghai and Jason Song, representative of the AMEPA subsidiary in South Korea, among others.

Both specialists offered a special highlight with our unique tribological system, which has been successfully used in a press shop for more than two years. The inline system measures the surface roughness and oil film of galvanized strip for body parts. Exciting discussions, impressive impressions and very positive prospects form the conclusion of our team on site. It remains exciting!