Positive Outlook at AISTech 2023 in Detroit!

We had a great experience at this year’s AISTech, the premier trade show, and conference for the iron and steel industry in North America. Our team engaged in captivating discussions with customers, and their consistently positive response was truly uplifting.

Machine learning, artificial intelligence, and process flow modeling took center stage, not only in the technical presentations but throughout the entire event. It was inspiring to witness the dynamism within the steel industry, as exemplified by the theme of the Town Hall Forum, “Get your Motor Running.”

The American iron and steel industry plays a pivotal role in the high-tech sector of the U.S. economy. It promotes exports, serves as the foundation for numerous industries like construction, automotive, mechanical engineering, and power generation, and most importantly, generates jobs. We were thrilled to hear TimkenSteel Corp. CEO, Mr. Williams, aptly express that “steel making is really cool,” delivering a timely message to attract talented individuals to the industry.

AISTech serves as a catalyst for environmentally friendly and efficient production methods, bolstering the competitiveness of the U.S. steel industry. The event showcased an array of topics and innovative products, spanning steelmaking, processing, end-use products, and cutting-edge technologies. For AMEPA, AISTech has always been the ideal forum and stage to present our exceptional products.

The prevailing sentiment at the event was one of unwavering optimism for the coming years and the successful implementation of the impending transformation. It was invigorating to witness the steel industry’s commitment to embracing change and driving progress.

Check out our photo from AISTech featuring Martin Fieweger, Managing Director of AMEPA GmbH, Peter Krause, President, and Brian Hanz, Engineering Manager at AMEPA America Inc.