Team – Life – Future.

Digitalization, mobile working, work-life balance, new values, and social changes have had an enormous impact on the working world in recent years. AMEPA has recognized the changing times and has embraced social changes. As a result, the technical facilities for employees have improved significantly. Internal indoor and outdoor meeting points and additional seating areas have also been set up and modernized.

Mobile working is made possible where it makes sense and conserves resources. After all, sustainability is not only promoted by our products but is also increasingly practiced internally.

Fresh eco-fruit and vegetables, our community garden and the leasing of e-bikes for our employees exemplify how we can experience our working environment as more environmentally friendly in the future. There are also contributions with which we encourage employee interactions outside the workplace. Our experienced engineers have a high level of technical knowledge to pass on to our young professionals, who are encouraged to start their careers by sharing their new initiatives, fresh ideas and implementing them at a high level.

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