The 12. VDI Symposium in Nuertingen

The VDI symposium “Innovative Blechumformung in der Automobilindustrie” (Innovative Sheet Metal Forming in the Automotive Industry) on March 15-16 finally offers the opportunity for a face-to-face meeting again after the recent period of online meetings. The joy at seeing familiar industry colleagues again at the event venue in Nürtingen is proverbial on the participants’ faces. Top-class presentations on topics such as transformation tasks and sheet metal forming in the context of electromobility, digitalization in toolmaking or increasing efficiency and flexibility in the press shop are of great interest to the participants. It is nice that as part of this industry meeting AMEPA again presents the measurement technology for oil film thickness control OFM and OFIS and the SRM roughness measurement at its exhibitor booth. Jens Harre and Ansgar Berlekamp are looking forward to provide further information on quality assurance in sheet metal processing to interested parties.