AMEPA perfection: Calibrations with high accuracy

OFM oil film measurement is used in steel, aluminum and automotive production. Users in rolling mills, finishing/inspection and press shops use the measurement results to document quality and optimize their processes.
For the high customer benefit, in our newly built calibration laboratory, the necessary customer-specific calibrations for different surface coatings are created. Depending on the surface coating and texture, whether steel (Z, ZE, ZF, ZM, each EDT, EBT or PRETEX texturing) or aluminum (Millfinish and EDT), the strip surface has a typical reflective property and requires a specific calibration for quantitative measurement. All types of lubricants used in the industry, whether prelube oils or dry lubricants (hot melts), can be calibrated in our laboratory.
Through our many years of experience and expertise, using precision balances and calibration stations, we produce highly accurate calibrations for our systems in our calibration laboratory. These are transferable to all OFM sensors and OFIS instruments and can be extended and updated at any time. This ensures that our customers can operate their AMEPA oil measurement systems with the highest accuracy and the best customer benefit.